Wednesday, February 26, 2014


OMG! Guys am so lucky, It rained today again, after last night which was the first. T'was awesome. The air was so cool and had this scent that comes in the rainy season, believe me it was a great encounter. I was inside a builiding when i noticed it, I was not too busy unlike other days so i noticed it wella. I think it was great. I loved it. No more hot weather, i could sleep with my blanket (i try that in the hot weather there isnothing as comfty as that) without stress. RAIN IS HERE AGAIN

Monday, February 24, 2014


HY guys, How are you all and how was your day. Lets look at his fashionable footwear; OXFORDS. women's oxford has been around for a while but not many people have worn it around, esp in Nigeria. why? Its hot and not as masculine as the all stars and high tops. I dont really like the whole women on high tops thing. Ive worn that only onces and it was carefully selected to look as cool as possible. The oxfords is classy and hot and i would encourage you all to start loving it, Its a wardrobe 'SHOULD HAVE' for me. I fell in love with it more when i watched the video for khona by the mafikizolo band group where the fair male party rocked it so well. Right now im dieing to have the white and black one. Rock it well

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hy guys, i would be brief as possible ok. Am not running from you guys ooo lol. I just want to sleep right now, like i am very tired. I love crazy. comfortable casual classy and top class. I actually picked them out one day around last year when my sis bought one and decided not to wear it for some reasons. It was oversize for me so i put a belt on it and modernized it into a fashionable jacket. It was amazingly cute. Months later i saw some pictures on the net and i really thought ut was great to show you guys. You can try it when you really dont know what to do with sweaters in your wardrobe.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Hy guys, people dont like to lead. Said its tough and has extra responsibility. But i think its essential, helps you develop in life and become wiser and more experienced. As at of last week in school my group in praticals and physics were hesitating on whom to appoint as the leader. People didnt fell they could handle it but i believed i could. Not like working extra hard would kill me. Someone suggested me and i simply took it up.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hy guys, how are you all. how was your val? Mine was good, thanks to God. I have this lovely friend who loves to sing and loves to blog. It was really nice knowing her passions esp the fact that we are so close these days. I will let you know when she starts blogging. she is good at singing. Today we are talking about perfumes.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Tommorow is friday, thank God. Not like i would rest but i would have more time for things in my life right now. Ladies and gent, vals is a special day and worth celebrating too. So remember i wished u a happy one and remember Jesus loves u. Happy vals in advance. TODAY IS LACE TREAT DAY. Im taking you guys on a stroll comprising of many lace patterns i think i love. look below and feed your eyes.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hy guys, how are you all doing? how was work and school. Mine was ok. Ive been a huge fan of this guy for months now. sometimes you just want to watch jokes and you go online to search for them. Some are so boring, sometimes you just want it at another level. I discovered this young talent Adam Saleh on facebook some months ago and he has seriously been killing it. I LAUGH everytime i watch his jokes. SO AWESOME. Pick up your phones and key in ADAM SALEH (preferably on facebook). His pictures are below, so you wont be lost. The links to the video are on his wall. Dont miss it

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hy guys, wonderful isnt it? How you just get to discover something worth loving. well today i want to share the secret of the news paper prints. All these cloths have been with you for a while and you just dont see the classy simple side because you dont really know what to wear them with esp when it has a very colour selective pattern. pattern selective too. Have you just decided to ignore them because you feel its not worth wearing when it wont be outstandin. I would tell you one thing, i love them with a plain one colour top. less flashy and unique depending on how your print looks. Today i would show you some newspaper outfits i happen to like.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Today is just too busy mehn. Was in class till 5. Does someone really go through things like this. That moment you just want to rest and you feel that any little extra work will make you weaker. no be only you my dear me too. Well i came in here today to say hy to you guys and to encourage you to not give up. Always try harder..

Sunday, February 9, 2014


HY guys, today am talking on the size of women and men too and how to deal with the likes and dislikes of your look. Now i know many people who feel they are too fat and unsexy. All they think about is slimming down. All these wants are endless, and you realise that you never get as perfect as u want. Your tummy never goes in well and your ass never comes out well and youre still fat, sometimes you even consume more

Saturday, February 8, 2014


What does a normal saturday look like in Nigeria. Its like a clean up day for me, u wake up clean the house, wash, sweep the compound. This goes on till twelve noon then you bathe nd rest. yes after noon u just lie down and rest. Thats mine tho. It varies from house holds to households. For those who have helps, its different.y

Thursday, February 6, 2014


hy guys, who is who in THE LIFE OF ALDORABLE? Odoh Nnenna is the blogger and  aldo is her name too. Thats where the blogs name got its origin from. i am a student by the way of a university in nigeria. This country's tertiary institution like we all know is not an easy one and that is why am very grateful to God for the grace to be able to blog and study at the same time. I love u all and am open to ideas on what to blog about that day. Today is friday,lol and no tgif because there is no time to flex or rest too much. i have a class today though. see you guys the next time i post .

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