Thursday, December 31, 2015


‎Hey guys, how are you all doing? Long time. Today I would be sharing my top make up hacks. Making up on your own is a lot harder than what you see girls doing on youtube. Its very disappointing alone. So I find what works for me, and I have discovered a lot with time
1) Perfect Bright Red Lipstick: To get the perfect red colour you want, not dark, normally we are advised to conceal our lips because it's believed that our dark skin is what prevents the colour from being exact red. That doesn't still give you what you want. The answer is CLASSIC red lipstick. Cost ranges from 1500 to 350 depending on your location. This lipstick gives any skin colour the red, bright one you want. Others dont.

2) Long Eye Lashes: I hardly put artificial lashes, it's hard to deal with and makes washing my face difficult. So I used this method to make my natural lashes longer. I apply vaseline on them, I soil them with vaseline actually. Then I ‎apply powder on the lashes, white powder or finishing powder. The powder sticks on the lashes and makes it longer. Then I apply mascara on it. I add more powder and then mascara again. Till its as full as I want.

3) Contour : The pattern for contouring I used to use before was the type where you apply the darker colour from your mouth to the ear. Now, it's from the ear to the nose. Its easier and the photo is attached to this post. Its easy, you don't need any explanations 

4) Give Your Eyes an Edgy Look: After applying the mascara, you should line the under lid with an eye pencil only. Just lightly, not too sharp. Don't line the upper lid. The look is awesome. Try it

That's all for today. Thank you for reading

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