Friday, June 13, 2014


Hey, whats up? Pattern mixing is a trend i find interesting. Lately ive been wearing pattern mixes...its pretty, elegant and can be casual. Yeah i think it looks adorable when casual. Finding which patterns to mix is quite not funny. If you ask me how i do it, i just pick out the dresses and match them right in front of me. I certainly find one pattern that matches another. Shoes can make it look hideous...wearing a wrong shade. Yes pattern mix is very selective when it comes to shoe designs and colour, so i go for a neutral shoe colour or something that is known for its agreement with many other colours. Striped tops are great for pattern mixing, matching similar looking patterns with different colors are good too.

Monday, June 9, 2014


Whats up people? Ive been deadly busy, crazy busy. I just resumed from the break weeks ago and i'm trying to do a good job in my education. How are we doing? Well today i want to talk on short hairs. I've seen a lot of Nigerian women carry their natural short hair around and believe me they look so elegant in it. It just has this rare beauty attached to it when well taken care of. I'm not a hair expert and hair advice is not really my thing. Look below and look at these pretty women, if you are on short hair you can get inspired by these pictures

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