Monday, February 17, 2014


Hy guys, people dont like to lead. Said its tough and has extra responsibility. But i think its essential, helps you develop in life and become wiser and more experienced. As at of last week in school my group in praticals and physics were hesitating on whom to appoint as the leader. People didnt fell they could handle it but i believed i could. Not like working extra hard would kill me. Someone suggested me and i simply took it up.

Today we had our chemistry praticals and it was fun. As the group head i had to see everyone was carried along and i also has to ensure we were on the right track. Since i got the post, i had to wait till everyone was done to collect their workbooks and i had to report back out apparatus and get some extra ones if we didnt have enough. I m happy with it. Some told me that everyone was nt born to lead, some were born to follow. I dont believe that but i would advice everyone to try to take extra responsibilities.When am done with thus, i can trust myself with better post. i love you guys, thanks for reading. goodnight

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