Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hy guys, how are you all. how was your val? Mine was good, thanks to God. I have this lovely friend who loves to sing and loves to blog. It was really nice knowing her passions esp the fact that we are so close these days. I will let you know when she starts blogging. she is good at singing. Today we are talking about perfumes.

WHY WEAR THEM? i used to ask myself that before. I mean is it wrong to bath well and step out with a natural nice scent. I mean it beats all. But lately i have been seeing the perfume as a nice substance. That moment wheen someone steps behind you and you are like 'this has to be amy, this is her scent, her perfume' you just turn and see her. i think the perfume is a means of identification too. These days many people go for the same perfume and i feel a little unhappy when someone makes me feel like a friend who wears the same perfume is around. So i try hard to go for unique perfumes i have never noticed. You can always place your comments below on what you think

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