Monday, March 28, 2016


HI GUYS, today's style crush is joy. Her style is ahhaa-maaahh-ziiinnggg. Its rare these days seeing people with a unique perspective when it comes to fashion. I love the match and colour and she is also photogenic. The next time you're for what to wear i hope you can draw inspiration from this. Its all about the inspiration. These outfits are not rare too, that is what i love about it. its something that wont be too hard to find. Her fros are beautiful too

Friday, March 25, 2016


Hey guys, i know how important fashion inspirations are so i thought of how to inspire outfits more and i came up with this post. Its a post where i write about my fashion crush whom inspired me the most with her dress sense and im very sure you guys would enjoy it because recently i have been meeting many beautiful people. This also makes it easier to imagine and develop your own personal style. Today we are starting with Luna. Her style is unique and she is a very talented young lady.

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