Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hy guys, its been long i know! Ive been so damn busy with my education. How have you been and how was the mothering Sunday. I didn't wish you one but its better late than never, so happy mothering sunday to all the mothers and up coming mothers. I got a lot of gifts from people though am still a teenager, well they said i would soon become one and i am one in the spirit! lol! Thanks to them tho, one of them is our readers. Guys guys guys lets talk about writing.

The preface is what i would talk about. Its quite confusing and i know many of you love to write and some of us who are in schools have assignments that require writing books and including the preface. Well its nothing really. Its all about writing the scope, how you went about writing the book, challenges you encountered and a lot more. I wont talk much i would just give you free samples, you can get inspired and write yours from there

I purposely made sure all the samples were from different subjects. With different topics, easy to guess as you go through them. you might like to save it so you can view it in your device and voom it as you like. If you need more of preview samples and help with it....send me an electronic mail (email). see ya next time

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