Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hy guys, how are you? fine i hope. Well today we would be talking about braids. They are lovely we know, cute, adorable...and convenient!!!! yes, VERY CONDUCIVE FOR SCHOOL. Naturally i dislike stress and hair could be much of that too. Weave-ons are pretty but they are way too hard to maintain. I found a hair oil that isso excellent that makes my weave-ons tangle free but that's not enough. When i walk around in the day, too busy to care about the sun scotching me, i later realize that am sweating badly and wen the one on my face dries, the one on my hair cant.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


HEY GUYS!! Happy sunday!!! its been a while since my last post, missed you guys tho. Lets look at the female wardrobe today. Lately ive been feeling comfortable in big loose tops, like seriously. Firstly they are simple and i find them hot, secondly they suit this horrible hot weather, all thanks to global warming. Every new season feels unlike the former, feels hotter maybe they should vary in names with a hotter behind them. Well this tops are great and ive been seeing people on them too. I have this feeling am not alone, so im sharing this with you all. Look at how awesome they are, arent they?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hy guys, sorry ive been away for some days now, maybe a week. I have been so tied into school activities. Life has been good, like it always has to be good for me because i live to love every appointment and disappointment from God. Well lets take a look at our topic today. Its called ankara crop tops. Now some people have been searching the net for weeks now trying to find a top online to buy. Good news is that you can make them yourself with a good tailor. Guys im having a picnic this week, social good picnic at a water falls. I dont know the type of beach dress to buy definitely not bikini but a nice cosy dress. So  i spent

Saturday, March 8, 2014


HAy guys, how was the week, good hope so. I  was so busy as you all could see i havent been around in a while. Today i would like to address us on the 'faith topic'. What is your faith about and what do you believe in? Do you believe in God? Oh if you do, i know you do? but how would you define that faith you have in him? Think deeply, do you believe he can do anything you ask for through your faith and with what intentions do you ask for those things.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hello guys, how far? Am good and today was good for me. I went to market for the first time at the age of  8 and went alone at the age of 12. I can remember a lot if not all of my experience. Like i had no idea where things were sold, i sawa lot of things arranged bbut i didnt see what i was looking for. I asked some people and i was directed to various places. I asked the directionfor every single thing i bought. My mum gave me a list and the possible price beside each item. Ok, the funny part was finding my way out. I was tryna master the route i was taking but it didnt work. I got lost a few times before telling myself that my house is always on the left when one is in the market. All i did was walk towards the left till am out, search for a red house which was beside the road home and walk up to it. Thankfully now i can tell where the red house could be and i just walk up to it. I grew up with a lof of experiences, this is just one. Have a good evening guys, love you

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