Sunday, February 9, 2014


HY guys, today am talking on the size of women and men too and how to deal with the likes and dislikes of your look. Now i know many people who feel they are too fat and unsexy. All they think about is slimming down. All these wants are endless, and you realise that you never get as perfect as u want. Your tummy never goes in well and your ass never comes out well and youre still fat, sometimes you even consume more

Have you ever felt frustrated that you work out so much and days or weeks later you look at the mirror just to see the same person. I THINK THE KEY TO TRUE HAPPINESS IS FOLLOWING GODS WILL, ASKING FOR IT IN YOUR SIZE AND RELAXING. Baby you can never grow slimmer than God wants you to. u cant. When you ask for his will in your size instead of asking for a big ass and believing that you value it more than your desires, you will a life changing drama. Sometimes you would just stop liking the fatty foods you used to love, sometimes you would control your eatin habits so well, sometimes you would just add to a fantastic size and you would always look the best you could ever have looked. Maybe youre fat because your future husband loves it that way#jx sayin#. i want you all to know that sexy is not a size.I have seen plus size women looking so awesome you cant just imagine. Love yourself always, its not always easy to but when you understand Gods way, it would be nearly the easiest thing.

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