Saturday, July 19, 2014


It has been so cold recently cold! Extreme than ever. In fact this is the first time in eight years i wore a sweater without being asked to. So a sweater in your bag is a important and a sweater on you in the morning is a necessity. Sweaters should be nice when worn outside. Ensure its clean and separate from the ones you wear at home. Look at the pictures below for inspiration. See you next time we see

Monday, July 7, 2014


Good evening guys, how are we? I m addressing an issue i deemed important today. These things we feel people say about us, these things we keep thinking is true, these feelings we have that we should feel shame, these unwanted actions...all because people say, how do we deal with them.Many of us do not get affected by these things but a lot of us do.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hey guys, whats up? i know i havent been blogging for a while now. So sorry, i got really busy. I have been carrying my natural hair for a while now. Its washed regularly and i get a lot of cool air through it when i want to. I have grown a special kind of liking for it that way and am planning on curling and nurturing its growth. Its really easy and can be dressed by you. You wont need a hair dresser. You know my specialties is sharing the pictures with you guys. I would have loved a video tutorial too but i can show you where i got mine from, SEARCH FOR the have a large video collection of natural curls. once you search for it, it would come up. I would like feed-backs from those like me, growing it natural and trying the curls too. The good thing about these natural hair of mine is that i get to pour water on it after a hot day...hhmmm #Feelingis indescribable#

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