Saturday, February 8, 2014


What does a normal saturday look like in Nigeria. Its like a clean up day for me, u wake up clean the house, wash, sweep the compound. This goes on till twelve noon then you bathe nd rest. yes after noon u just lie down and rest. Thats mine tho. It varies from house holds to households. For those who have helps, its different.y

Some also like to do the cleaning on friday evening and take the saturday as an outing day.For females in hostels or  or private self contained houses, its more of a washing flexing and sleeping day. well, when you want to go out on this saturday, to a park, fwends house etc  what do you wear? i like to go casual because the places i go to dont require so much accessories and the rest of it.  I have some casual outfits below you may like to draw inspiration from. simple and class

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