Friday, May 22, 2015


MORNING PEOPLE! Its saturday here and its raining. Lets say you have a place to go to this morning or any other cold day and you dont want to look like a wretch because of the weather. You want to stilll look elegangt, feminine and hot! Yes you are cold, you dont want the cold to kill you, then keep reading, Im not the type that feels very cold.
So this might be for that type, you have somwhere to go, you have somone to meet. For the very cold countries where snow is present, this post might not be suitable. you might require extra gloves, boots, scarf etc. For a cold mornin, there are thousands of ways to dress elegantly. Coats and jackets could be worn under your mini skirts, trousers etc. For minis where you dont want cold to kill you, your coat can be longer that your gown.

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