Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hey guys, lipstick blend is today's topic and here are some inspiring photos . Lets heat up our brains before we do the talking

Hey guys, today we would be talking about lipstick blending. I'm talking about a particular type where you line your lips with a dark lip liner nd u blend it with the lipstick of your choice. I love this and it's very chick. I had to practice a lot to get it right. The hardest part is getting the blend. You blend nd you end up making your whole lips black or you just don't blend enough. Well am over it now and some of these pictures really helped. Its always better to watch how it's done a lot and observe it to get it right. For this, you would need a brush. Not the one you use on your eye, no you don't want to smear the black lip liner on your eye. A new one for just your lips. If you're using a red lipstick, online it says conceal it to get the red colour you want but sometimes I never still get the Bitch red I wanted, until I used a lot of concealer like a lot!! You can also add orange to the lipstick,  yes orange helped make the red brighter. I hope this helps

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