Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hello guys, how far? Am good and today was good for me. I went to market for the first time at the age of  8 and went alone at the age of 12. I can remember a lot if not all of my experience. Like i had no idea where things were sold, i sawa lot of things arranged bbut i didnt see what i was looking for. I asked some people and i was directed to various places. I asked the directionfor every single thing i bought. My mum gave me a list and the possible price beside each item. Ok, the funny part was finding my way out. I was tryna master the route i was taking but it didnt work. I got lost a few times before telling myself that my house is always on the left when one is in the market. All i did was walk towards the left till am out, search for a red house which was beside the road home and walk up to it. Thankfully now i can tell where the red house could be and i just walk up to it. I grew up with a lof of experiences, this is just one. Have a good evening guys, love you

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