Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hy guys, how are you? fine i hope. Well today we would be talking about braids. They are lovely we know, cute, adorable...and convenient!!!! yes, VERY CONDUCIVE FOR SCHOOL. Naturally i dislike stress and hair could be much of that too. Weave-ons are pretty but they are way too hard to maintain. I found a hair oil that isso excellent that makes my weave-ons tangle free but that's not enough. When i walk around in the day, too busy to care about the sun scotching me, i later realize that am sweating badly and wen the one on my face dries, the one on my hair cant.

Firstly weave-ons dont have much spacing between two strands of your hair and two weeks into still enjoying the hair you start hating it, you scratch it and loose it. too bad. But braids are different. Whenever they get sweaty, i go to the fan separate them on my hair and dry it, so cosy. The big problem with braids is that its not as pretty as the weave ons. It can be when you pack them well. So today we would take a glance at few styles you can always pack them. Don't forget to subscribe for my email updates on the box in your right hand side. Love you all.

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