Saturday, March 8, 2014


HAy guys, how was the week, good hope so. I  was so busy as you all could see i havent been around in a while. Today i would like to address us on the 'faith topic'. What is your faith about and what do you believe in? Do you believe in God? Oh if you do, i know you do? but how would you define that faith you have in him? Think deeply, do you believe he can do anything you ask for through your faith and with what intentions do you ask for those things.

This faith thing in people differs a lot, and until its Gods time to show you a path, you wpuld be too blind to see. Look at the churches and what pastors tell you, they say ask for anything and it shall be given unto you says the lord. Does it mean the poor dont pray for riches? why isnt that verse working? have you found yourself praying for so long with no answers that you end up cursing God and crying. What are your intentions? Is it that you need this from God because you want it and you dont even want to know what God wants for you because it might be ugly. Yes some have the fear of asking God for what he knows is best for them because they feel they know better. I urge you to put yourselves in God as servants who live for him and his wants. That would solve a lot of this problems. Try that tonight and pray for Gods will alone. Next time i would talk more on this. You can contact me for more on this if you want a private detailed explanation. Goodnight

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