Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Its trendy now! its hot too!!! and its everywhere. Lace is the hottest thing in the fashion industry like now. just like the red lipstick that returned from the ancient days, lace is here again! Its different from before! Its hot now, and a lot prettier. People have changed its looks of old age to the suitable look for a elegant youth.

Lace,  ornamental, openwork fabric formed by looping, interlacing, braiding (plaiting), or twisting threads. The dividing line between lace and embroidery,
which is an ornamentation added to an already completed fabric, is not easy to draw; a number of laces, such as Limerick and filet lace, can be called forms of embroidery upon a more or less open fabric. On the other hand, fancy knitting, however much an ornamental openwork fabric, is not usually thought of as lace, though in some museums it is so classified. Openwork fabrics made on a loom (for example, brocaded gauze) are not considered lace.
Before 1800 the threads of lace were usually linen; after 1800 cotton was more common. Silk and metal thread and occasionally such other materials as wool, aloe fiber, and hair of various kinds were also used.
You can wear it to a cock tail party! you can wear it to church. When you dont know what to put on to look chick! put on lace!

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