Wednesday, January 28, 2015


OK so i was going through fashion blogs online, you know, doing my normal reading and i came across this girl Tanesha from the blog "girl with curves". I was touched because she was a beautiful plus size who knew how to dress.

I felt it would be very helpful to my blog readers today, hence im sharing it. Her fashion sense is impressively great. Every figure has a special dress that works well with their shapes. Tanesha is very confident with her size and knows the right fits. Their are many fallacies about fat people which include that flayed skirts make them appear bigger,well with these pictures we can see that is a huge lie. Wearing the wrong dresses makes you look less beautiful, though. I selected these pictures because i loved them, Enjoy

You can visit Tanesha blog to see more styles. I woulg like to recommend her blog for plus sized women with fashion difficulties. I know i havent blogged since. My schedule has been tight, i would try to see you guys more often, byeeee

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