Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Special colour, huh? Smart, sophisticated and charming. One good thing about it is that it comprises of several shades so that every colour of person can find their own nude. Nude is a different colour on every individual decided by which colour fits your colour mostly.It is close to the skin colour hence the name nude. A dress matching your skin colour is completely flattering and from my observations its a cool colour.
Its a colour of dress we should wear when we dont have time to think about the most amazing dresses to wear because we know its flattering already. I think every wardrobe must have it. Nudes in shoes are very special. It gives a fitting i cant explain, it matches every colour more than black or the other dark coloured shoes. Well there are several places to find nude dresses. The market can be a hard place to find it in, i dont think its really there. There are many stores online that have a wide collection of nude. Im sharing one of my special colours with you guys this week again...love u!see you all when we see again. Goodnight!

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