Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello! have i been gone for too long? sorry guys, my schedule got tighter. How are we all doing? Green is the dress colour for today. It has a lot of uniqueness and classy look when you have it on. It has a natural rhyme with the green world and its an earthy colour. It is confident and pretty. Its a woman's colour and it look simply amazing with little effort.

 Going all green is great. i have done it before from head to toe and it was noticeably amazing. You know me i love to give inspirations a lot and am not stopping today on this post. The pretty women below look amazing to me. I find their looks unique in a way. Green is a colour that looks good on all skin types. I dont know how it manages to do that but its an exception amongst other colours. It looks radiant on a light skinned person and sexy on a dark skinned. The cool thing is that it comes in different shades...light green, dark green, and the rest of it all. Which ever suits you best, you know. Its cool on every shape. Green is one of the fashionable colours i find amazing. Its a must have. I missed you guys. Email me your suggestions. You know i love to hear them at See you when next we see. bye

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