Saturday, August 29, 2015


 A little inspiration about short hairstyles today. Let's look at these pictures before I say what I want to say.


Hey guys, how are we? I am fine anyway. Been so busy with school stuffs, i know i have been away too long. Apologies babes.Today we would be talking about short afro curls. Now most of us women have faced the problem of wanting a longer hair. Are you among? Now this post is for you. You know i dont talk too much but it i do, hmmmm importance di maa kwa. Me i have tried from natural home remedies to expensive hair products but it just doesnt help at all, and i keep hearing new names and people shouting its working. Now let me tell you this The real fact remains has a length it just cant go beyond for each individual, ma ichoro buru Khal drogo (even if youre Khal drogo), its called hair cycle. You wont believe me and you just wont until you do your own personal research and figure that out. Hair products can ONLY help your hair maximize its potential length God made length for it. Hair grows till it completes a  cycle. once your hair strand completes it, it falls off completely and another strand starts to grow. The longer the length of time it takes for your hair cycle to be complete, the longer your hair because the hair grows just 6 inches yearly.So if your hair takes 6 years to complete a cycle your hair would be 36 inches. Mine takes 2 years if not one and half. So that your friend with long hair who doesn't apply any big deal cream and you want to be like her, quit it!The moment i embraced my hair length, everything changed. I knew i can only be this way so look hottest in it. I had this lecturer with short hair, just my length and she rocked it soo well. I had to join the league. Now we know we havee no choice what do we do? WE MAKE SHORT AFRO CURL!!HHEHEHE. Yes we make short afro curls. In my next post i will talk on how to do it possibly with pictures. So in wont bore us. Below are pictures of what am talking about. To put my mind to it, warm you up before you hear the real thing. For additional informations contact me through my mail

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